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English adjective: peaceable

1. peaceable inclined or disposed to peace

SamplesThey met in a peaceable spirit.
Peace-loving citizens.


Similarpeaceable, peaceful


2. peaceable not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war

SamplesA peaceful nation.
Peaceful times.
A far from peaceful Christmas.
Peaceful sleep.


Similardovish, halcyon, irenic, nonbelligerent, pacific, pacifist, pacifistic, peace-loving, peaceable, peaceable

See alsoamicable, nonaggressive, nonviolent, quiet, unaggressive


3. peaceable disposed to peace or of a peaceful nature

SamplesThe pacific temper seeks to settle disputes on grounds of justice rather than by force.
A quiet and peaceable person.
In a peaceable and orderly manner.


Similarpeaceable, peaceful


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