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English adjective: Siouan

1. Siouan of or relating to the Sioux people or their language and culture

English noun: Siouan

1. Siouan (person) a member of a group of North American Indian peoples who spoke a Siouan language and who ranged from Lake Michigan to the Rocky Mountains


Broader (hypernym)Buffalo Indian, Plains Indian

Narrower (hyponym)Biloxi, Catawba, Crow, Dakota, Dhegiha, Eastern Sioux, Gros Ventre, Hidatsa, Iowa, Ioway, Lakota, Missouri, Ofo, Oto, Otoe, Santee, Santee Dakota, Santee Sioux, Teton, Teton Dakota, Teton Sioux, Tutelo, Winnebago

Instance hyponymCrazy Horse, Rain-in-the-Face, Tashunca-Uitco

2. Siouan (communication) a family of North American Indian languages spoken by the Sioux

SynonymsSiouan language

Broader (hypernym)American Indian, American-Indian language, Amerind, Amerindian language, Indian

Narrower (hyponym)Biloxi, Catawba, Chiwere, Crow, Dakota, Dhegiha, Gros Ventre, Hidatsa, Hunkpapa, Ofo, Ogalala, Oglala, Santee, Tutelo, Winnebago

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