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English noun: pinwheel

1. pinwheel (plant) perennial subshrub of Tenerife having leaves in rosettes resembling pinwheels

SynonymsAeonium haworthii

Broader (hypernym)subshrub, suffrutex

Member meronymAeonium, genus Aeonium

2. pinwheel (artifact) a wheel that has numerous pins that are set at right angles to its rim

SamplesHe spun the pinwheel and it stopped with the pointer on `Go'.

Broader (hypernym)wheel

3. pinwheel (artifact) a toy consisting of vanes of colored paper or plastic that is pinned to a stick and spins when it is pointed into the wind

Synonymspinwheel wind collector

Broader (hypernym)plaything, toy

4. pinwheel (artifact) a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire

Synonymscatherine wheel

Broader (hypernym)firework, pyrotechnic

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