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Engelsk substantiv: AZ

1. AZ (om form) the azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane of the meridian

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)azimuth

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkangle

2. AZ (om sted) a state in southwestern United States; site of the Grand Canyon

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)Arizona, Grand Canyon State

Eksempler på mindre spesifikke uttrykkAmerican state

Omfatter disse spesifikke uttrykkcapital of Arizona, Cataract Canyon, Chihuahuan Desert, Colorado, Colorado Plateau, Colorado River, Flagstaff, Gila, Gila Desert, Gila River, Glen Canyon Dam, Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Mesa, Mohave, Mohave Desert, Mojave, Mojave Desert, Nogales, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park, Phoenix, Prescott, Sonoran Desert, Sun City, Tucson, Yuma

Omfatter disse overordnede uttrykkeneAmerica, Southwest, southwestern United States, the States, U.S., U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA

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