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English noun: Elasmobranchii

1. Elasmobranchii (animal) sharks; rays; dogfishes; skates

SynonymsSelachii, subclass Elasmobranchii, subclass Selachii

Broader (hypernym)class

Member holonymAlopiidae, Batoidei, Carcharhinidae, Carchariidae, Cetorhinidae, elasmobranch, family Alopiidae, family Carcharhinidae, family Carchariidae, family Cetorhinidae, family Hexanchidae, family Lamnidae, family Odontaspididae, family Orectolobidae, family Rhincodontidae, family Scyliorhinidae, family Sphyrnidae, family Squalidae, family Squatinidae, family Triakidae, Hexanchidae, Lamnidae, Odontaspididae, order Batoidei, order Rajiformes, order Torpediniformes, Orectolobidae, Rajiformes, Rhincodontidae, Scyliorhinidae, selachian, Sphyrnidae, Squalidae, Squatinidae, Torpediniformes, Triakidae

Member meronymChondrichthyes, class Chondrichthyes

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