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English adjective: whipping

1. whipping smart and fashionable

SamplesSnappy conversation.
Some sharp and whipping lines.




English noun: whipping

1. whipping (act) beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment

Synonymsflagellation, flogging, lashing, tanning

Broader (hypernym)beating, drubbing, lacing, licking, thrashing, trouncing, whacking

Narrower (hyponym)horsewhipping, self-flagellation

2. whipping (event) a sound defeat

Synonymsdebacle, drubbing, slaughter, thrashing, trouncing, walloping

Broader (hypernym)defeat, licking

3. whipping (artifact) a sewing stitch passing over an edge diagonally

Synonymswhipstitch, whipstitching

Broader (hypernym)embroidery stitch, sewing stitch

Narrower (hyponym)overcast, overcasting

4. whipping (act) the act of overcoming or outdoing


Broader (hypernym)combat, fight, fighting, scrap

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