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English noun: beggar-ticks

1. beggar-ticks (plant) the seed of bur marigolds

SynonymsSpanish needles

Broader (hypernym)bur, burr

Part meronymbeggar's-ticks, beggar-ticks, bur marigold, burr marigold, sticktight

2. beggar-ticks (plant) any of several plants of the genus Bidens having yellow flowers and prickly fruits that cling to fur and clothing

Synonymsbeggar's-ticks, bur marigold, burr marigold, sticktight

Broader (hypernym)subshrub, suffrutex

Narrower (hyponym)Bidens bipinnata, Bidens connata, Bidens coronata, Bidens trichosperma, Bidens tripartita, European beggar-ticks, Spanish needles, swampy beggar-ticks, tickseed sunflower, trifid beggar-ticks, trifid bur marigold

Part holonymbeggar-ticks, Spanish needles

Member meronymBidens, genus Bidens

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