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English noun: UN agency

1. UN agency (group) an agency of the United Nations

SynonymsUnited Nations agency

Broader (hypernym)administrative body, administrative unit

Narrower (hyponym)Centre for International Crime Prevention, DCCP, FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, IDA, IFC, ILO, IMF, IMO, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Development Association, International Finance Corporation, International Labor Organization, International Labour Organization, International Maritime Organization, International Monetary Fund, UNESCO, UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, WHO, WMO, World Bank, World Health Organization, World Meteorological Organization

Member meronymUN, United Nations

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