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English noun: art movement

1. art movement (group) a group of artists who agree on general principles

Synonymsartistic movement

Broader (hypernym)front, movement, social movement

Narrower (hyponym)Abstract Expressionism, action painting, art deco, art nouveau, Ash Can, Ashcan School, Ashcan school, avant-garde, constructivism, cubism, dada, dadaism, deco, Eight, expressionism, fauvism, futurism, Hudson River school, imagism, Impressionism, lake poets, luminism, minimal art, minimalism, naturalism, neoromanticism, New Wave, new wave, Nouvelle Vague, pointillism, Pop Art, realism, reductivism, romantic realism, secession, sezession, suprematism, surrealism, symbolism, van, vanguard

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