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English noun: infestation

1. infestation (state) the state of being invaded or overrun by parasites

Broader (hypernym)fullness

Narrower (hyponym)acariasis, acaridiasis, acariosis, ascariasis, bilharzia, bilharziasis, coccidiosis, dracunculiasis, echinococcosis, enterobiasis, fascioliasis, fasciolopsiasis, fasciolosis, Guinea worm, Guinea worm disease, helminthiasis, hydatid disease, hydatidosis, lousiness, myiasis, myositis trichinosa, onchocerciasis, opisthorchiasis, pediculosis, river blindness, schistosomiasis, trichiniasis, trichinosis, trichuriasis, trombiculiasis

2. infestation (group) a swarm of insects that attack plants

SamplesA plague of grasshoppers.


Broader (hypernym)cloud, swarm

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