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English adjective: temporary

1. temporary not permanent; not lasting

SamplesPolitics is an impermanent factor of life.
Impermanent palm cottages.
A temperary arrangement.
Temporary housing.


Similaracting, ephemeral, episodic, evanescent, fly-by-night, fugacious, improvised, interim, jury-rigged, makeshift, passing, pro tem, pro tempore, shipboard, short-lived, temporal, terminable, transient, transitory, working

See alsounstable

Attributepermanence, permanency

Antonymslasting, permanent

2. temporary lacking continuity or regularity

SamplesAn irregular worker.
Employed on a temporary basis.


Similarpart-time, parttime


English noun: temporary

1. temporary (person) a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis

Synonymstemp, temporary worker

Broader (hypernym)worker

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