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English adjective: attractive

1. attractive pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm

SamplesA remarkably attractive young man.
An attractive personality.
Attractive clothes.
A book with attractive illustrations.

Similarbewitching, captivating, charismatic, cunning, cute, dinky, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, entrancing, fascinating, fetching, glossy, hypnotic, irresistible, magnetic, mesmeric, mesmerizing, personable, photogenic, piquant, prepossessing, showy, spellbinding, taking, winning, winsome

See alsobeautiful, inviting, pleasing, seductive



2. attractive having power to arouse interest

SamplesAn attractive opportunity.
The job is attractive because of the pay.



3. attractive having the properties of a magnet; the ability to draw or pull

SamplesAn attractive force.

Attributemagnetic attraction, magnetic force, magnetism

Domain categorynatural philosophy, physics


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