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English noun: lightness

1. lightness (feeling) a feeling of joy and pride

Synonymselation, high spirits

Broader (hypernym)joy, joyfulness, joyousness

Narrower (hyponym)euphoria, euphory

2. lightness (attribute) the property of being comparatively small in weight

SamplesThe lightness of balsa wood.


Broader (hypernym)weight

Narrower (hyponym)airiness, buoyancy

Antonymsheaviness, weightiness

3. lightness (attribute) the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble

Synonymsagility, legerity, lightsomeness, nimbleness

Broader (hypernym)gracefulness

4. lightness (attribute) having a light color

Broader (hypernym)value


5. lightness (attribute) the visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as created in pictures

SamplesHe could paint the lightest light and the darkest dark.


Broader (hypernym)visual property

Narrower (hyponym)aura, aureole, brightness, gloriole, glory, halo, highlight, highlighting, nimbus, sunniness

Attributedark, light

6. lightness (attribute) the trait of being lighthearted and frivolous


Broader (hypernym)giddiness, silliness

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