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English adjective: bourgeois

1. bourgeois (according to Marxist thought) being of the property-owning class and exploitive of the working class

Similarcapitalist, capitalistic

Antonymssocialist, socialistic

2. bourgeois conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class

SamplesA bourgeois mentality.

Synonymsconservative, materialistic


Antonymslow-class, lower-class, upper-class

3. bourgeois belonging to the middle class


Antonymslow-class, lower-class, upper-class

English noun: bourgeois

1. bourgeois (person) a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise


Broader (hypernym)capitalist

Narrower (hyponym)account executive, account representative, accountant, agent, broker, businessman, businesswoman, comptroller, controller, customer's broker, customer's man, enterpriser, entrepreneur, exporter, factor, importer, man of affairs, merchandiser, merchant, provider, registered representative, shipper, supplier

2. bourgeois (person) a member of the middle class


Broader (hypernym)common man, common person, commoner

Narrower (hyponym)petit bourgeois

Member meronymbourgeoisie, middle class

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