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English noun: fixing

1. fixing (act) the act of putting something in working order again

Synonymsfix, fixture, mend, mending, repair, reparation

Broader (hypernym)improvement

Narrower (hyponym)band aid, care, darning, maintenance, patching, quick fix, quickie, quicky, reconstruction, restitution, restoration, upkeep

2. fixing (artifact) restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place

Synonymsfastener, fastening, holdfast

Broader (hypernym)constraint, restraint

Narrower (hyponym)bellyband, buckle, button, carabiner, catch, clasp, cleat, clinch, clip, clothes peg, clothes pin, clothespin, corrugated fastener, cottar, cotter, cringle, dowel, dowel pin, eyelet, fillet, grommet, grummet, hook and eye, joggle, karabiner, knot, lashing, link, linkup, lock, locker, loop, nail, nut and bolt, paper fastener, pin, press stud, screw, seal, seal, sealing wax, slide fastener, snap, snap fastener, snap ring, stopping, tie, tie-in, toggle, toggle bolt, wiggle nail, zip, zip fastener, zipper

3. fixing (act) the sterilization of an animal

SamplesThey took him to the vet for neutering.

Synonymsaltering, neutering

Broader (hypernym)sterilisation, sterilization

Narrower (hyponym)castration, emasculation, spaying

4. fixing (act) (histology) the preservation and hardening of a tissue sample to retain as nearly as possible the same relations they had in the living body


Broader (hypernym)preservation

Part meronymplastination

Domain categoryhistology

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