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English noun: illusion

1. illusion (cognition) an erroneous mental representation


Broader (hypernym)appearance

Narrower (hyponym)apparition, fantasm, irradiation, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, phantom limb, shadow

2. illusion (cognition) something many people believe that is false

SamplesThey have the illusion that I am very wealthy.

Synonymsfancy, fantasy, phantasy

Broader (hypernym)misconception

Narrower (hyponym)bubble, ignis fatuus, will-o'-the-wisp, wishful thinking

3. illusion (act) the act of deluding; deception by creating illusory ideas

Synonymsdelusion, head game

Broader (hypernym)deceit, deception, dissembling, dissimulation

4. illusion (act) an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers

Synonymsconjuration, conjuring trick, deception, legerdemain, magic, magic trick, thaumaturgy, trick

Broader (hypernym)performance

Narrower (hyponym)card trick, prestidigitation, sleight of hand

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