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English adjective: ritual

1. ritual of or relating to or characteristic of religious rituals

SamplesRitual killing.

2. ritual of or relating to or employed in social rites or rituals

SamplesA ritual dance of Haiti.
Sedate little colonial tribe with its ritual tea parties.

English noun: ritual

1. ritual (act) any customary observance or practice


Broader (hypernym)custom, usage, usance

Narrower (hyponym)betrothal, espousal, marriage, marriage ceremony, rite of passage, wedding

Part holonymceremonial dance, ritual dance, ritual dancing

2. ritual (act) the prescribed procedure for conducting religious ceremonies

Broader (hypernym)pattern, practice

Narrower (hyponym)ablution, celebration, Communion, Holy Communion, manduction, sacramental manduction, solemnisation, solemnization

3. ritual (act) stereotyped behavior

Broader (hypernym)habit, use

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