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English noun: sea bass

1. sea bass (food) the lean flesh of a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae


Broader (hypernym)saltwater fish

Narrower (hyponym)striped bass, striper

Part meronymsea bass

2. sea bass (animal) any of various food and sport fishes of the Atlantic coast of the United States having an elongated body and long spiny dorsal fin

Broader (hypernym)food fish, serranid, serranid fish

Narrower (hyponym)belted sandfish, black bass, black sea bass, blackmouth bass, Centropistes striata, Centropristis philadelphica, grouper, Polyprion americanus, Roccus saxatilis, rock bass, rock sea bass, rockfish, Serranus subligarius, stone bass, striped bass, striper, Synagrops bellus, wreckfish

Part holonymbass, sea bass

Member meronymfamily Serranidae, Serranidae

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