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English noun: Lucifer

1. Lucifer (person) (Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell

SynonymsBeelzebub, Devil, Old Nick, Prince of Darkness, Satan, the Tempter

Instance hypernymspiritual being, supernatural being

Domain categoryfaith, Islam, Islamism, Mohammedanism, Muhammadanism, Muslimism, religion, religious belief

2. Lucifer (object) a planet (usually Venus) seen just before sunrise in the eastern sky

Synonymsdaystar, morning star, Phosphorus

Broader (hypernym)major planet, planet

3. lucifer (artifact) lighter consisting of a thin piece of wood or cardboard tipped with combustible chemical; ignites with friction

SamplesHe always carries matches to light his pipe.
As long you've a lucifer to light your fag.

Synonymsfriction match, match

Broader (hypernym)igniter, ignitor, light, lighter

Narrower (hyponym)book matches, fusee, fuzee, kitchen match, safety match, slow match

Part holonymmatchstick

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