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English noun: navigator

1. navigator (person) the ship's officer in charge of navigation

Synonymssailing master

Broader (hypernym)officer, ship's officer

2. navigator (person) the member of an aircrew who is responsible for the aircraft's course

Broader (hypernym)aircrewman

Narrower (hyponym)astrogator

3. navigator (person) in earlier times, a person who explored by ship

Broader (hypernym)adventurer, explorer

Narrower (hyponym)Juan Ponce de Leon, Ponce de Leon

Instance hyponymAbel Janszoon Tasman, Abel Tasman, Americus Vespucius, Amerigo Vespucci, Balboa, Bartholomeu Dias, Bartholomeu Diaz, Behring, Bering, Cabot, Captain Cook, Captain James Cook, Cartier, Christopher Columbus, Columbus, Cook, Cristobal Colon, Cristoforo Colombo, da Gamma, Davis, Davys, Dias, Diaz, Drake, Ferdinand Magellan, Fernao Magalhaes, Francis Drake, Frobisher, Gamma, George Vancouver, Gilbert, Giovanni Cabato, Giovanni da Verrazano, Giovanni da Verrazzano, Gray, Henry Hudson, Hudson, Humphrey Gilbert, Jacques Cartier, James Cook, John Cabot, John Davis, John Davys, Magellan, Robert Gray, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Sir Martin Frobisher, Tasman, Vancouver, Vasco da Gamma, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Verrazano, Verrazzano, Vespucci, Vitus Behring, Vitus Bering

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