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English adjective: golden

1. golden having the deep slightly brownish color of gold

SamplesLong aureate (or golden) hair.
A gold carpet.

Synonymsaureate, gilded, gilt, gold


Antonymsachromatic, neutral

2. golden marked by peace and prosperity

SamplesA golden era.
The halcyon days of the clipper trade.

Synonymshalcyon, prosperous



3. golden made from or covered with gold

SamplesGold coins.
The gold dome of the Capitol.
The golden calf.
Gilded icons.

Synonymsgilded, gold

Similarmetal, metallic

Antonymsnonmetal, nonmetallic

4. golden supremely favored

SamplesGolden lads and girls all must / like chimney sweepers come to dust.


Similarblessed, blest

Antonymscursed, curst

5. golden suggestive of gold

SamplesA golden voice.

Similareuphonious, euphonous

Antonymscacophonic, cacophonous

6. golden presaging or likely to bring good luck

SamplesA favorable time to ask for a raise.
Lucky stars.
A prosperous moment to make a decision.

Synonymsfavorable, favourable, lucky, prosperous



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