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English noun: aeon

1. aeon (person) (Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing various roles in the operation of the universe


Broader (hypernym)spiritual being, supernatural being

Domain categoryGnosticism

2. aeon (time) the longest division of geological time


Broader (hypernym)geologic time, geological time

Instance hyponymArchaeozoic, Archaeozoic aeon, Archean, Archean aeon, Archean eon, Archeozoic, Archeozoic eon, Hadean, Hadean aeon, Hadean eon, Hadean time, Phanerozoic, Phanerozoic aeon, Phanerozoic eon, Precambrian, Precambrian aeon, Precambrian eon, Precambrian period, Priscoan, Priscoan aeon, Priscoan eon, Proterozoic, Proterozoic aeon, Proterozoic eon

Part holonymera, geological era

3. aeon (time) an immeasurably long period of time

SamplesOh, that happened eons ago.


Broader (hypernym)age, long time, years

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