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English noun: finch

1. finch (animal) any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds

Broader (hypernym)oscine, oscine bird

Narrower (hyponym)brambling, bullfinch, bunting, canary, canary bird, cardinal, cardinal grosbeak, Cardinalis cardinalis, Carduelis cannabina, Carduelis carduelis, Carduelis cucullata, Carduelis flammea, Carduelis hornemanni, Carduelis spinus, Carpodacus mexicanus, Carpodacus purpureus, chaffinch, crossbill, Fringilla coelebs, Fringilla montifringilla, goldfinch, goldfinch, grosbeak, grossbeak, Hawaiian honeycreeper, honeycreeper, house finch, junco, linnet, linnet, lintwhite, Loxia curvirostra, New World goldfinch, New World sparrow, pine finch, pine siskin, purple finch, Pyrrhula pyrrhula, pyrrhuloxia, Pyrrhuloxia sinuata, red siskin, redbird, redpoll, redpoll, Richmondena Cardinalis, serin, siskin, snowbird, Spinus pinus, Spinus tristis, towhee, yellowbird

Member meronymfamily Fringillidae, Fringillidae

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