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English adjective: afraid

1. afraid filled with fear or apprehension

SamplesAfraid even to turn his head.
Suddenly looked afraid.
Afraid for his life.
Afraid of snakes.
Afraid to ask questions.

Similaracrophobic, afeard, afeared, aghast, agoraphobic, alarmed, algophobic, appalled, apprehensive, aquaphobic, claustrophobic, dismayed, fearful, frightened, frightened, hangdog, horrified, horror-stricken, horror-struck, hunted, hydrophobic, mysophobic, numb, panic-stricken, panic-struck, panicked, panicky, scared, shitless, shocked, terrified, terror-stricken, terror-struck, triskaidekaphobic, unnerved, white-lipped, xenophobic

See alsocowardly, fearful, timid

Attributefear, fearfulness, fright

Antonymsfearless, unafraid

2. afraid filled with regret or concern; used often to soften an unpleasant statement

SamplesI'm afraid I won't be able to come.
He was afraid he would have to let her go.
I'm afraid you're wrong.



3. afraid feeling worry or concern or insecurity

SamplesShe was afraid that I might be embarrassed.
Terribly afraid of offending someone.
I am afraid we have witnessed only the first phase of the conflict.



4. afraid having feelings of aversion or unwillingness

SamplesAfraid of hard work.
Afraid to show emotion.



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