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English adjective: intense

1. intense possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree

SamplesIntense heat.
Intense anxiety.
Intense desire.
Intense emotion.
The skunk's intense acrid odor.
Intense pain.
Enemy fire was intense.

Similaraggravated, bad, big, blood-and-guts, brutal, cold, concentrated, consuming, deep, deep, exquisite, extreme, fierce, intensified, intensive, keen, main, overwhelming, profound, raging, screaming, severe, smart, strong, tearing, terrible, terrific, thick, trigger-happy, unabated, unrelenting, utmost, uttermost, vehement, violent, violent, wicked, wild

See alsoimmoderate, intemperate, profound

Attributedegree, grade, level


2. intense extremely sharp or intense

SamplesAcute pain.
Felt acute annoyance.
Intense itching and burning.




3. intense (of color) having the highest saturation

SamplesVivid green.
Intense blue.


Similarpure, saturated


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