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English noun: fawn

1. fawn (attribute) a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color

SamplesShe wore dun.

Synonymsdun, grayish brown, greyish brown

Broader (hypernym)light brown

2. fawn (animal) a young deer

Broader (hypernym)cervid, deer, young mammal

English verb: fawn

1. fawn (motion) show submission or fear

Synonymscower, crawl, creep, cringe, grovel

Pattern of useSomebody ----s PP

Broader (hypernym)bend, flex

2. fawn (communication) try to gain favor by cringing or flattering

SamplesHe is always kowtowing to his boss.

ExamplesSam and Sue fawn

Synonymsbootlick, kotow, kowtow, suck up, toady, truckle

Pattern of useSomebody ----s.
Somebody ----s PP

Broader (hypernym)blandish, flatter

Narrower (hyponym)court favor, court favour, curry favor, curry favour

3. fawn (body) have fawns

SamplesDeer fawn.

Pattern of useSomething ----s

Broader (hypernym)bear, birth, deliver, give birth, have

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