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English noun: Wilson

1. Wilson (person) author of the first novel by an African American that was published in the United States (1808-1870)

SynonymsHarriet Wilson

Instance hypernymauthor, writer

2. Wilson (person) English writer of novels and short stories (1913-1991)

SynonymsAngus Frank Johnstone Wilson, Sir Angus Wilson

Instance hypernymauthor, writer

3. Wilson (person) Scottish ornithologist in the United States (1766-1813)

SynonymsAlexander Wilson

Instance hypernymbird watcher, ornithologist

4. Wilson (person) United States physicist honored for his work on cosmic microwave radiation (born in 1918)

SynonymsRobert Woodrow Wilson

Instance hypernymphysicist

5. Wilson (person) Canadian geophysicist who was a pioneer in the study of plate tectonics (1908-1993)

SynonymsJohn Tuzo Wilson

Instance hypernymgeophysicist

6. Wilson (person) American Revolutionary leader who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (1742-1798)

SynonymsJames Wilson

Instance hypernymAmerican Revolutionary leader

7. Wilson (person) United States entomologist who has generalized from social insects to other animals including humans (born in 1929)

SynonymsE. O. Wilson, Edward Osborne Wilson

Instance hypernymbug-hunter, bugologist, entomologist

8. Wilson (person) Scottish physicist who invented the cloud chamber (1869-1959)

SynonymsCharles Thomson Rees Wilson

Instance hypernymnuclear physicist

9. Wilson (person) United States literary critic (1895-1972)

SynonymsEdmund Wilson

Instance hypernymliterary critic

10. Wilson (person) 28th President of the United States; led the United States in World War I and secured the formation of the League of Nations (1856-1924)

SynonymsPresident Wilson, Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Woodrow Wilson

Instance hypernymChief Executive, President, President of the United States, United States President

11. Wilson (object) a peak in the San Juan mountains of Colorado (14,246 feet high)

SynonymsMount Wilson

Instance hypernymmountain peak

Part meronymSan Juan Mountains

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