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English noun: naturalist

1. naturalist (person) an advocate of the doctrine that the world can be understood in scientific terms

Broader (hypernym)philosopher

2. naturalist (person) a biologist knowledgeable about natural history (especially botany and zoology)

Synonymsnatural scientist

Broader (hypernym)biologist, life scientist

Instance hyponymAgassiz, Alfred Russel Wallace, Andrews, Baron Alexander von Humboldt, Baron Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt, Baron Georges Cuvier, Charles Darwin, Charles Robert Darwin, Chevalier de Lamarck, Cuvier, Darwin, Georg Wilhelm Steller, Georges Cuvier, Georges Leopold Chretien Frederic Dagobert Cuvier, Gesner, Hudson, Humboldt, Jan Swammerdam, Jean Baptiste de Lamarck, Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, John Muir, Konrad von Gesner, Lamarck, Lorenz Oken, Lorenz Okenfuss, Louis Agassiz, Muir, Oken, Okenfuss, Roy Chapman Andrews, Steller, Swammerdam, W. H. Hudson, Wallace, William Henry Hudson

Domain categorybotany, phytology, zoological science, zoology

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