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English adjective: covered

1. covered overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something; sometimes used as a combining form

SamplesWomen with covered faces.
Covered wagons.
A covered balcony.

Similarariled, arillate, awninged, beaded, blanketed, canopied, cloaked, clothed, crusted, crustlike, crusty, dabbled, draped, drenched, drenched in, dust-covered, dusty, encrusted, mantled, moon-splashed, moss-grown, mossy, mud-beplastered, muffled, overgrown, peritrichous, plastered, sealed, sealed, smothered, snow-clad, snow-covered, snowy, snowy, spattered, splashed, splashy, splattered, sun-drenched, thickspread, tiled, white, wrapped


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