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English noun: sucker

1. sucker (person) a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

Synonymschump, fall guy, fool, gull, mark, mug, patsy, soft touch

Broader (hypernym)dupe, victim

2. sucker (plant) a shoot arising from a plant's roots

Broader (hypernym)shoot

3. sucker (person) a drinker who sucks (as at a nipple or through a straw)

Broader (hypernym)drinker

4. sucker (food) flesh of any of numerous North American food fishes with toothless jaws

Broader (hypernym)freshwater fish

Part meronymsucker

5. sucker (food) hard candy on a stick

Synonymsall-day sucker, lollipop

Broader (hypernym)candy, confect

6. sucker (animal) an organ specialized for sucking nourishment or for adhering to objects by suction

Broader (hypernym)organ

Narrower (hyponym)cupule

7. sucker (animal) mostly North American freshwater fishes with a thick-lipped mouth for feeding by suction; related to carps

Broader (hypernym)catostomid

Narrower (hyponym)buffalo fish, buffalofish, hog molly, hog sucker, Hypentelium nigricans, redhorse, redhorse sucker

Part holonymsucker

Member meronymCatostomidae, family Catostomidae

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