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English adjective: solitary

1. solitary characterized by or preferring solitude

SamplesA lone wolf.
A lonely existence.
A man of a solitary disposition.
A solitary walk.

Synonymslone, lonely



2. solitary of plants and animals; not growing or living in groups or colonies

SamplesSolitary bees.

Synonymsnongregarious, nonsocial



3. solitary lacking companions or companionship

SamplesHe was alone when we met him.
She is alone much of the time.
The lone skier on the mountain.
A lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel.
A lonely soul.
A solitary traveler.

Synonymsalone, lone, lonely



4. solitary being the only one; single and isolated from others

SamplesThe lone doctor in the entire county.
A lonesome pine.
An only child.
The sole heir.
The sole example.
A solitary instance of cowardice.
A solitary speck in the sky.

Synonymslone, lonesome, only, sole



5. solitary devoid of creatures

SamplesA lonely crossroads.
A solitary retreat.
A trail leading to an unfrequented lake.

Synonymslonely, unfrequented



English noun: solitary

1. solitary (state) confinement of a prisoner in isolation from other prisoners

SamplesHe was held in solitary.

Synonymssolitary confinement

Broader (hypernym)confinement

2. solitary (person) one who lives in solitude

Synonymshermit, recluse, solitudinarian, troglodyte

Broader (hypernym)lone hand, lone wolf, loner

Instance hyponymJohn the Baptist, St. John the Baptist

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