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English adjective: pedestrian

1. pedestrian lacking wit or imagination

SamplesA pedestrian movie plot.

Synonymsearthbound, prosaic, prosy



English noun: pedestrian

1. pedestrian (person) a person who travels by foot

Synonymsfooter, walker

Broader (hypernym)traveler, traveller

Narrower (hyponym)ambler, hiker, hobbler, jaywalker, limper, marcher, nondriver, parader, passer, passer-by, passerby, peripatetic, plodder, rambler, reeler, saunterer, shuffler, slogger, staggerer, stalker, stamper, stomper, strider, stroller, stumbler, swaggerer, totterer, tramp, tramper, tramper, trampler, tripper, trudger, waddler, wayfarer

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