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English noun: elm

1. elm (plant) any of various trees of the genus Ulmus: important timber or shade trees

Synonymselm tree

Broader (hypernym)tree

Narrower (hyponym)American elm, cedar elm, Chinese elm, Chinese elm, Dutch elm, dwarf elm, English elm, European elm, European field elm, guernsey elm, Huntingdon elm, Jersey elm, red elm, red elm, rock elm, rock elm, September elm, Siberian elm, slippery elm, smooth-leaved elm, Ulmus alata, Ulmus americana, Ulmus campestris sarniensis, Ulmus campestris wheatleyi, Ulmus carpinifolia, Ulmus crassifolia, Ulmus glabra, Ulmus hollandica, Ulmus hollandica vegetata, Ulmus laevis, Ulmus parvifolia, Ulmus procera, Ulmus pumila, Ulmus rubra, Ulmus sarniensis, Ulmus serotina, Ulmus thomasii, water elm, water elm, wheately elm, white elm, wing elm, winged elm, witch elm, wych elm

Member meronymgenus Ulmus, Ulmus

Substance holonymelm, elmwood

2. elm (plant) hard tough wood of an elm tree; used for e.g. implements and furniture


Broader (hypernym)wood

Substance meronymelm, elm tree

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