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English adjective: many-sided

1. many-sided having many parts or sides


Similarbilateral, bipartite, deep-lobed, eight-sided, eleven-sided, five-lobed, five-sided, four-lobed, four-party, four-sided, joint, many-lobed, multipartite, nine-sided, palmately-lobed, quadrilateral, quadripartite, seven-sided, six-sided, ten-sided, tetramerous, three-cornered, three-lobed, three-party, three-sided, three-way, triangular, trilateral, tripartite, twelve-sided, two-lobed, two-part, two-sided, two-way

Antonymsunilateral, one-sided

2. many-sided having many aspects

SamplesA many-sided subject.
A multifaceted undertaking.
Multifarious interests.
The multifarious noise of a great city.
A miscellaneous crowd.

Synonymsmiscellaneous, multifaceted, multifarious


Antonymsunvaried, unvarying

3. many-sided full of variety or interest

SamplesA many-sided personality.

Similarcolorful, colourful

Antonymscolorless, colourless

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