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English noun: workplace

1. workplace (artifact) a place where work is done

SamplesHe arrived at work early today.


Broader (hypernym)geographic point, geographical point

Narrower (hyponym)bakehouse, bakery, bakeshop, beehive, brokerage, brokerage house, central, colliery, creamery, drill site, exchange, exchange, farm, fish farm, fishery, forge, gasworks, glassworks, ironworks, job, lab, laboratory, laundry, location, lumberyard, oyster bank, oyster bed, oyster park, piscary, pit, proving ground, research lab, research laboratory, rope yard, ropewalk, roundhouse, science lab, science laboratory, shipyard, shop, shop floor, smithy, studio, studio, tannery, telephone exchange, test bed, waterworks, workshop

Part holonymlocker room

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