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English noun: picture taking

1. picture taking (act) the act of taking and printing photographs


Broader (hypernym)pictorial representation, picturing

Narrower (hyponym)cinematography, exposure, filming, motion-picture photography, radiography, telephotography, xerography

Domain category membersbacked, black and white, black-and-white, block out, blow up, color, colour, contrast, contrasty, dedication, develop, enlarge, expose, flat, handcolor, handcolour, inscription, intensification, magnify, mask, overexpose, overexpose, photograph, photography, posing, processor, record, retake, reticulation, retouch, sensitise, sensitize, shoot, sitting, snap, solarise, solarise, solarise, solarize, solarize, solarize, touch up, underdevelop, underdevelopment, underexpose, underexpose, x-ray

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