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English noun: musteline

1. musteline (animal) fissiped fur-bearing carnivorous mammals

Synonymsmustelid, musteline mammal

Broader (hypernym)carnivore

Narrower (hyponym)badger, black-footed ferret, carcajou, Eira barbara, Enhydra lutris, ferret, fitch, foulmart, foumart, Galictis vittatus, glutton, grison, Grison vittatus, Gulo gulo, Gulo luscus, honey badger, marten, marten cat, Mellivora capensis, mink, Mustela nigripes, Mustela putorius, otter, polecat, polecat, ratel, sea otter, skunk, skunk bear, taira, tayra, weasel, wolverine, wolverine, wood pussy

Member meronymfamily Mustelidae, Mustelidae

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