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English adjective: provincial

1. provincial of or associated with a province

SamplesProvincial government.

2. provincial characteristic of the provinces or their people

SamplesDeeply provincial and conformist.
In that well-educated company I felt uncomfortably provincial.
Narrow provincial attitudes.

Similarbumpkinly, corn-fed, hick, insular, jerkwater, one-horse, parochial, pokey, poky, rustic, stay-at-home, unsophisticated


English noun: provincial

1. provincial (person) (Roman Catholic Church) an official in charge of an ecclesiastical province acting under the superior general of a religious order

SamplesThe general of the Jesuits receives monthly reports from the provincials.

Broader (hypernym)functionary, official

Domain categoryChurch of Rome, Roman Catholic, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church

2. provincial (person) a country person

Synonymsbucolic, peasant

Broader (hypernym)rustic

Narrower (hyponym)cottar, cotter, moujik, mujik, muzhik, muzjik

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