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English noun: pupil

1. pupil (person) a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution

Synonymseducatee, student

Broader (hypernym)enrollee

Narrower (hyponym)art student, auditor, catechumen, college boy, college man, collegian, crammer, Etonian, Ivy Leaguer, law student, major, medical student, medico, neophyte, nonachiever, nonreader, overachiever, passer, scholar, seminarian, seminarist, sixth-former, skipper, underachiever, underperformer, withdrawer, Wykehamist

Member meronymteacher-student relation

2. pupil (body) the contractile aperture in the center of the iris of the eye; resembles a large black dot

Broader (hypernym)aperture

Part meronymiris

3. pupil (person) a young person attending school (up through senior high school)

Synonymsschool-age child, schoolchild

Broader (hypernym)spring chicken, young person, younker, youth

Narrower (hyponym)boarder, day boarder, latchkey child, schoolboy

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