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English noun: journalist

1. journalist (person) a writer for newspapers and magazines

Broader (hypernym)author, writer

Narrower (hyponym)broadcast journalist, columnist, correspondent, editorialist, gazetteer, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, penman, photojournalist, pressman, scribbler, scribe, sob sister, sports writer, sportswriter

Instance hyponymAlexander Woollcott, Alfred Alistair Cooke, Alistair Cooke, Cooke, Dorothy Dix, Edgar Albert Guest, Edgar Guest, Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, Elizabeth Merriwether Gilmer, Elizabeth Seaman, Gilmer, Greeley, Guest, H. L. Mencken, Henry Louis Mencken, Henry M. Stanley, Horace Greeley, I. F. Stone, Isidor Feinstein Stone, John Reed, John Rowlands, Joseph Lincoln Steffens, Lincoln Steffens, Lippmann, Mencken, Nellie Bly, Reed, Seaman, Shirer, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Stanley, Steffens, Stone, T. H. White, Theodore Harold White, Walter Lippmann, White, William Lawrence Shirer, Woollcott

2. journalist (person) someone who keeps a diary or journal

Synonymsdiarist, diary keeper

Broader (hypernym)writer

Instance hyponymPepys, Samuel Pepys

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