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English noun: village

1. village (group) a community of people smaller than a town

Synonymssettlement, small town

Broader (hypernym)community

Narrower (hyponym)moshav

2. village (location) a settlement smaller than a town


Broader (hypernym)settlement

Narrower (hyponym)campong, kampong, kraal, pueblo

Instance hyponymChancellorsville, Cheddar, El Alamein, Jamestown, Jericho, Sealyham, Spotsylvania, Yorktown

3. Village (location) a mainly residential district of Manhattan; `the Village' became a home for many writers and artists in the 20th century

SynonymsGreenwich Village

Instance hypernymcommunity, residential area, residential district

Part meronymGreater New York, New York, New York City

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