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English noun: horseback riding

1. horseback riding (act) the sport of siting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements

Synonymsequitation, riding

Broader (hypernym)athletics, sport

Narrower (hyponym)equestrian sport, pony-trekking

Domain category memberscanter, extend, gallop, gallop, post, prance, prance, ride horseback, trot

2. horseback riding (act) travel by being carried on horseback


Broader (hypernym)travel, traveling, travelling

Narrower (hyponym)bronco busting, endurance riding, pack riding, trail riding

Domain category memberscanter, canter, dismount, extend, gallop, gallop, get down, get off, light, outride, override, post, prance, prance, ride, ride horseback, sit, trot, unhorse

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