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English noun: bandage

1. bandage (artifact) a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of the body


Broader (hypernym)dressing, medical dressing

Narrower (hyponym)adhesive bandage, capeline bandage, cast, compression bandage, elastic bandage, four-tailed bandage, immovable bandage, oblique bandage, plaster bandage, plaster cast, roller bandage, scarf bandage, sling, suspensory, suspensory bandage, swathe, tourniquet, triangular bandage, truss, wrapping

Part holonymgauze, gauze bandage

English verb: bandage

1. bandage (contact) wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose


Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)fasten, fix, secure

2. bandage (body) dress by covering or binding

SamplesThe nurse bandaged a sprained ankle.
Bandage an incision.

ExamplesDid he bandage his foot?

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)dress

Narrower (hyponym)ligate

Domain categorymedicine, practice of medicine

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