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English noun: literature

1. literature (communication) creative writing of recognized artistic value

Broader (hypernym)piece of writing, writing, written material

Narrower (hyponym)Sanskrit literature

Domain category memberscarved, carven, copyrighted, deconstruction, deconstructionism, editing, filmable, flash-forward, flashback, gothic, lit, literature, literature, literature, longueur, redaction, republication, rosebud, steed, tempest, tension

2. literature (cognition) the humanistic study of a body of literature

SamplesHe took a course in Russian lit.


Broader (hypernym)literary study

Domain categoryliterature

3. literature (communication) published writings in a particular style on a particular subject

SamplesThe technical literature.
One aspect of Waterloo has not yet been treated in the literature.

Broader (hypernym)piece of writing, writing, written material

Narrower (hyponym)historiography

Domain categoryliterature

4. literature (act) the profession or art of a writer

SamplesHer place in literature is secure.

Broader (hypernym)profession

Domain categoryliterature

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