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English noun: repetition

1. repetition (event) an event that repeats

SamplesThe events today were a repeat of yesterday's.


Broader (hypernym)periodic event, recurrent event

Narrower (hyponym)cycle, recurrence, rematch, replay, return, sequence

2. repetition (act) the act of doing or performing again


Broader (hypernym)continuance, continuation

Narrower (hyponym)action replay, copying, echolalia, instant replay, iteration, redundancy, reduplication, reiteration, renewal, replay, replication

3. repetition (communication) the repeated use of the same word or word pattern as a rhetorical device

Broader (hypernym)rhetorical device

Narrower (hyponym)anadiplosis, anaphora, anaphora, epanalepsis, epanaphora, epanodos, epiphora, epistrophe, gemination, ploce, polyptoton, reduplication, symploce

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