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English noun: realization

1. realization (cognition) coming to understand something clearly and distinctly

SamplesA growing realization of the risk involved.
A sudden recognition of the problem he faced.
Increasing recognition that diabetes frequently coexists with other chronic diseases.

Synonymsrealisation, recognition

Broader (hypernym)apprehension, discernment, savvy, understanding

2. realization (act) making real or giving the appearance of reality

Synonymsactualisation, actualization, realisation

Broader (hypernym)creating by mental acts

Narrower (hyponym)objectification

3. realization (communication) a musical composition that has been completed or enriched by someone other than the composer


Broader (hypernym)composition, musical composition, opus, piece, piece of music

4. realization (act) a sale in order to obtain money (as a sale of stock or a sale of the estate of a bankrupt person) or the money so obtained


Broader (hypernym)cut-rate sale, sale, sales event

5. realization (act) the completion or enrichment of a piece of music left sparsely notated by a composer


Broader (hypernym)composing, composition

6. realization (act) something that is made real or concrete

SamplesThe victory was the realization of a whole year's work.

Synonymsfruition, realisation

Broader (hypernym)consummation

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