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English adjective: external

1. external happening or arising or located outside or beyond some limits or especially surface

SamplesThe external auditory canal.
External pressures.

Similarouter, outside

See alsooutside

Attributeposition, spatial relation


2. external coming from the outside

SamplesExtraneous light in the camera spoiled the photograph.
Relying upon an extraneous income.
Disdaining outside pressure groups.

Synonymsextraneous, outside


Antonymsintrinsic, intrinsical

3. external from or between other countries

SamplesExternal commerce.
International trade.
Developing nations need outside help.

Synonymsinternational, outside



4. external purely outward or superficial

SamplesExternal composure.
An external concern for reputation.



English noun: external

1. external (cognition) outward features

SamplesHe enjoyed the solemn externals of religion.

Broader (hypernym)characteristic, feature

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