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English noun: crabapple

1. crabapple (plant) any of numerous varieties of crab apples cultivated for their small acidic (usually bright red) fruit used for preserves or as ornamentals for their blossoms

Synonymscrab apple, cultivated crab apple

Broader (hypernym)apple tree

Narrower (hyponym)cherry apple, cherry crab, flowering crab, Malus angustifolia, Malus baccata, Siberian crab, Siberian crab apple, Southern crab apple

Part holonymcrab apple, crabapple

2. crabapple (plant) any of numerous wild apple trees usually with small acidic fruit

Synonymscrab apple, wild apple

Broader (hypernym)apple tree

Narrower (hyponym)American crab apple, garland crab, Iowa crab, Iowa crab apple, Malus coronaria, Malus fusca, Malus ioensis, Malus sylvestris, Oregon crab apple, prairie crab, western crab apple, wild crab

3. crabapple (food) small sour apple; suitable for preserving

SamplesCrabapples make a tangy jelly.

Synonymscrab apple

Broader (hypernym)apple

Part meronymcrab apple, crabapple, cultivated crab apple

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