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English adjective: bold

1. bold fearless and daring

SamplesBold settlers on some foreign shore.
A bold speech.
A bold adventure.

Similaraudacious, brave, daredevil, dauntless, emboldened, fearless, foolhardy, hardy, heady, heroic, heroical, intrepid, nervy, overreaching, overvaliant, rash, reckless, temerarious, unfearing, vaulting

See alsoadventuresome, adventurous, brave, courageous, fearless, forward, unafraid

Attributeboldness, daring, hardihood, hardiness


2. bold clear and distinct

SamplesBold handwriting.
A figure carved in bold relief.
A bold design.


Antonymsinconspicuous, invisible

3. bold very steep; having a prominent and almost vertical front

SamplesA bluff headland.
Where the bold chalk cliffs of England rise.
A sheer descent of rock.

Synonymsbluff, sheer



English noun: bold

1. bold (communication) a typeface with thick heavy lines

Synonymsbold face, boldface

Broader (hypernym)case, face, font, fount, typeface

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