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English noun: misrepresentation

1. misrepresentation (communication) a misleading falsehood

Synonymsdeceit, deception

Broader (hypernym)falsehood, falsity, untruth

Narrower (hyponym)bill of goods, blind, dissembling, duplicity, equivocation, evasion, exaggeration, facade, feigning, fraudulence, half-truth, hanky panky, hocus-pocus, humbug, jiggery-pokery, magnification, overstatement, pretence, pretense, skulduggery, skullduggery, slickness, snake oil, snow job, subterfuge, trickery, window dressing

2. misrepresentation (act) a willful perversion of facts


Broader (hypernym)actus reus, misconduct, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct

Narrower (hyponym)deceit, deception, dissembling, dissimulation, distortion, equivocation, fabrication, lying, overrefinement, prevarication, straining, tergiversation, torture, twisting

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